Featured: August 2012 - High Hopes

It is August 2012 and you know what that means! It is time to announce the next artist or band, decided by you, receiving this month's featured spot.

The 'Band of the Month' winner this month is a band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by the name of High Hopes. High Hopes, along with Escaping Juliet, Forgive The Liars and Letters & Lights, battled it out, for two months, on our official website. And, with seventy five percent of the votes, High Hopes is the band receiving this month's featured spot.

The pop/rock duo, consisting of Joel Cossette (vocals / guitar) and Casey Long-Read (guitar / backing vocals), originally formed in July of 2011. And, although I had 'liked' the band on Facebook for quite some time prior, their official music video for Counting Heartbeats was what caught my attention one day.

With influences such as The Dangerous Summer, City & Colour, Sufjan Stevens, and many more, Joel and Casey are definitely in the right direction. Plus, they have already opened for big names such as The New Cities, been on a few Canadian tours and have even caught the attention of some independent labels. And, having formed only a little over a year ago, they already have over eleven thousand fans on Facebook. That in itself is quite impressive I must say.

On Facebook Joel Cossette (vocals) states, "We write our music for the kids who are anti social. We're not trying to be some pretty, perfect pop/rock radio band, we're just trying to be as honest as possible with our music."

Since the release of their Counting Heartbeats official music video they have gone on to release a few more amazing videos on their Youtube Channel. Back in May of 2012 the two released a video for their song Overweight Body. And, only three months later and that video has well over twenty four thousand views, and growing.

Perhaps their most recent release has caught your eye. Titled Star Wars & Poetry, Joel and Casey uploaded a phenomenal video of the track back in mid July of 2012, again on their Youtube Channel. And, although it is only at a little over seven thousand views, that number will surely keep increasing.

Star Wars & Poetry truthfully left me speechless. The lyrics are beyond incredible and the whole aspect of the song shows the unbelievable talent this duo has. The song is one you have to listen to. With its deeply personal lyrics it will leave you with chills.

So, if you are not a fan of High Hopes just yet make sure you check them out. This Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based duo has seriously blown me away with their talent so far. And, with their newest releases getting even more incredible, it is obvious these two are going far.

Please make sure you check out High Hopes' Youtube Channel, as well as the video for their unbelievable song, Star Wars & Poetry, which can be seen here:

High Hopes Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Casey Long-Read (guitar / backing vocals) & Joel Cossette (vocals / guitar)
Picture 2: From left to right: Casey Long-Read (guitar / backing vocals) & Joel Cossette (vocals / guitar)



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