Featured: June 2012 - RocketRocketShip

It is June 2012 and you know what that means! It is time to announce which artist or band is receiving the June 2012 'Band of the Month' position.

Once again, the artist or band taking the spot this month was decided by you, the fans. And, after providing four options, as well as two months of voting time, the band RocketRocketShip, from St. John's, Newfoundland, beat out their competition.

This powerpop/punk/rock band has been together since 2009. And, Paul Brake (vocals / guitar), Bryce Smith (guitar), Dave Shears (bass / backing vocals), Kenney Purchase (synth) and Jeremy Kelly (drums) certainly bring a unique sound into the music scene.

As it states on their Facebook page, "RocketRocketShip is the kind of band that you will drive hours and hours for the chance to see live." This band has also had the incredible honour of opening for a few big names already, including Marianas Trench and Ten Second Epic.

RocketRocketShip's fan base seems to be steadily growing as well. Now with well over one thousand six hundred fans, there could not be a better time to release their first full length album.

"Their skill in delivering pop hooks and energetic arrangements is remarkable and is one of the many reasons that they are being noticed by fans, peers and industry professionals. Their never-ending conversation with fans, both on and off the stage, has created a band known as
much for their music as for their overall entertainment value."

RocketRocketShip's first full length album is set to be released on June 23rd 2012. Titled Your Best Kept Secret, it is definitely going to be a release worth purchasing on iTunes. Once again on their Facebook page it states, "Even their new record, Your Best Kept Secret, keeps live performance in mind and includes catchy gang vocals you know you'll be memorizing to belt out at their next event. The project was produced by Ward Pike at Comfort Cove Sound and will be released this spring." The band's drummer, Jeremy Kelly, also added a message saying, "We wanted to give the album the energy of a live performance."

This band is also known for their incredible live performances. And, although I have yet to see them live for myself, I have heard amazing thing from fans about these five guys. "RocketRocketShip never requires stadium budgets to produce a larger-than-life act and puts on a live performance that could compete with any well-established pop punk band. They use everything from trampolines and confetti bombs to alien mascots and glow sticks as they engage their audience in the performance."

So, whether you are already a fan, or are just discovering them like me, make sure you purchase a copy of their newest album when it is released. By the sounds of it you will not want to look past this band. These five have truly shown their passion already which only makes me excited to see where their drive and determination takes them.

Make sure you check out more of RocketRocketShip's music online. And, although their album is not quite out yet, definitely check out the band's Youtube Channel where you can catch some of their current tunes, including their song Where I Want to Be, which can be seen here:

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Photo credit: Brittany Howell

Picture 1: From left to right: Jeremy Kelly (drums), Kenney Purchase (synth), Paul Brake (vocals / guitar), Bryce Smith (guitar) & Dave Shears (bass / backing vocals)
Picture 2: RocketRocketShip - Your Best Kept Secret CD Cover



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