Featured: May 2012 - Message Through Motion

It is May 2012 and you know what that means! It is time to award the next 'Band of the Month' to yet another deserving artist or band.

As you may have noticed by now, it is not technically the first day, or even week, of the month anymore. Infact, this is the latest I have ever written a 'Band of the Month' article. But, there is actually an honest reason behind it.

The band receiving the May 2012 'Band of the Month' position is one of those bands that has, well, literally left me speechless. From the first time I listened to their songs, or even watched their Youtube videos, there was something unique that stood out to me about them. As a result, the reason this article is late is because I truthfully just could not think of what to write. And, let me tell you, it is very odd for me not to be able to find words to produce an article. So, that can only mean one thing. The band receiving the 'Band of the Month' spot this month has truly earned the position and I am honoured to be able to write about them.

It is honestly crazy how much Message Through Motion's music has impacted me. It is something about Derek's absolutely stunning vocals, paired with the band's perfectly written
melodies, that I just cannot forget. And, as I said before, they have literally left me speechless with everything they have done. So, no matter how hard I try to write this article, it will never do justice to the amount of talent these five young men have.

From Belleville, Ontario, Message Through Motion consists of friends Derek Dowling (vocals), Graham Stone (guitar / backing vocals), Alex Lyon (guitar), Jordan Salmon (bass) and Gregory Murphy (drums).

If you are not familiar with this band just yet, I am sure you soon will be. This band has been together for only [roughly] two years, yet they have acquired nearly fifteen thousand 'likes' on Facebook and just under one hundred thousand views on Youtube.

Message Through Motion is known for their incredibly unique and fresh sound, making them stand out amongst other bands in the same genre. On their Facebook biography it states, "Their unique sound utilizes a mix of emotional vocals, melodic riffs and ambient keys, propelled by their Christian faith."

Their debut EP, titled The Searching, was released back on July 8th 2011. The EP is comprised of six songs that will leave you wanting more. It also received five
star reviews on iTunes with fans calling it a "must get EP".

It is no wonder I was stoked when I discovered the band was going to be releasing another EP titled The Searching // Extended. This EP is set to be released sometime this year. The extended edition to said to have nine tracks, and, if you know this band already, you know they will not disappoint.

So, please do me a favour and check out this incredibly talented band. No matter how long I sit at this article, or how many times I try and edit it, it will never truly express the pure talent these five guys have. The only way to discover that is to take a listen for yourself. And, let me warn you, be prepared to be blown away.

Remember to check out Message Through Motion and get as stoked as I am for their new EP, hopefully being released soon. And, Derek, Graham, Alex, Jordan and Gregory, thank you for your music because it literally leaves me speechless. I truly cannot wait to see what you guys do next.

You definitely need to check out Message Through Motion's official Youtube Channel immediately. On it, the guys have countless unbelievable videos, including original tunes, as well as phenomenal covers. And, in amongst the videos is a stunning acoustic version of their original song, The Witness, which can be seen here:

Message Through Motion Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Graham Stone (guitar / backing vocals), Alex Lyon (guitar), Derek Dowling (vocals), Jordan Salmon (bass) & Gregory Murphy (drums)
Picture 2: Message Through Motion - The Searching EP Cover
Picture 3: Message Through Motion - The Searching // Extended EP Cover



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