Featured: April 2012 - California Lane Change

It is April 2012 and you know what that means! It is time for the eighth artist or band to be announced for the 'Band of the Month' spot on the official Basement Entertainment website.

For the third time, you, the fans, have decided on which artist or band should take the spot for April 2012. This month California Lane Change, Final Thought, The Maddigans and Victory, Sweet Victory! went head to head. And, the Edmonton, Alberta band, California Lane Change, took the spot this month.

California Lane Change, formed in 2009, and is comprised of Joey Vos (vocals), Kyle Radzick (guitar), Steve Chwyl (guitar), Kevin Vos (bass) and Tyler Ennis (drums).

These five have poured their talents into their band and are now known as one of Edmonton's most renown bands because of it. They have also received the attention of Simmons/Universal Records because of their EP and, of course, their hard work.

In nearly three years California Lane Change have managed to create a pretty massive buzz around their name. They have been able to acquire nearly fifteen thousand views
on their official music video for Summer Streets and are quickly approaching three thousand 'likes' on Facebook.

The band's debut EP, titled Summer Streets, was released on August 20th 2010. "The EP consists of songs about love, friendships, partying, growing up and the summer’s end at their childhood hometown, Pigeon Lake." The EP has even earned countless five star reviews all over iTunes.

With the success this pop/punk/rock band has already gained, it is pretty clear they do not want to stop anytime soon.

California Lane Change are currently working on their [highly anticipated] debut, full length album, which is due to drop in the summer of 2012.

So, keep your eyes glued to this Edmonton, Alberta band and make sure you check out their new release this summer.

While we wait for their newest release to hit the internet, definitely check out this band's Youtube Channel right away. On it, the guys have several phenomenal videos, including their hit, Summer Streets, which can be seen here:

California Lane Change Links:

Photo credit: California Lane Change

Picture 1: From left to right: Tyler Ennis (drums), Steve Chwyl (guitar), Joey Vos (vocals), Kyle Radzick (guitar) & Kevin Vos (bass)
Picture 2: California Lane Change - Summer Streets EP Cover



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