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It is March 2012 and you know what that means! It is time for the seventh 'Band of the Month' position to be awarded. This month the 'Band of the Month' comes to you from the small town of Lindsay, Ontario.

Over the past [nearly] four years, I have had the incredible honour of meeting some of the most talented and amazing artists and bands out there. However, every once and a while I run across a particular artist or band that I just cannot seem to move on from.

My most recent addition? It is a project called SayWeCanFly, created by the very talented and [now] seventeen year old, Braden Barrie.

It all started when I ran across the SayWeCanFly Facebook page and started listening to the songs that were posted. Can I say it was love at first listen? What I had no clue of at the time was the fact that I would literally go from discovering him to being contacted by his own booking agent less than two weeks later. And, soon after, booking him for one of Basement Entertainment's events last month in February of 2012.

Braden Barrie is truly one of those guys that proves that by never giving up you are destined to get far. By starting SayWeCanFly, his acoustic/pop project, only a mere [almost] three years ago, to already having nearly one thousand eight hundred fans, and growing, on Facebook, it is obvious this young man knows what he wants.

His music gives me chills, his talent leaves me speechless and his kind and very friendly attitude, in person and online, makes you love him even more. He is truly one of those guys I am very thankful and honoured to have been able to meet.

Although SayWeCanFly started back in 2009, Braden only started touring with his project this past year. When it comes to the actual music Braden puts out for friends and fans he states, "I have written about love, heart break, my journey and my friends. Writing is my way of understanding the world I wake up to live in every day." And, his personal lyrics makes him even more relatable for fans.

For many people, at first glance, it is pretty clear where the inspiration for his project came from. The [now]
twenty one year old, Christofer Drew, better known as Never Shout Never, was Braden's biggest inspiration. Braden even addressed this on a new Facebook note, posted a couple of days ago, saying, "I started to really get into Christofer Drew and I mean that's all I would ever listen to. He is the reason I picked up an acoustic guitar and wanted to write. I wanted to be who he was, which is why I am where I am right now."

At seventeen most teenagers find themselves drowning in school work, sleeping until noon on weekends and scrambling to find a way to earn an income to save for college or university. Although this is somewhat true for Braden, he is not exactly your average teenager. In his latest Facebook note Braden went on to say, "So here I am. A kid, working a part time job at a grocery store in the middle of nowhere Ontario, desperately trying to make a life out of doing what he loves. I know so many people in my position, I talk to them every day and wish that we all had the chance to do this, but the reality is, not everyone will make it." Unlike most, Braden is currently completing his final year of high school online, allowing him more time to tour and do his music. He even filled in vocals and guitars for the Toronto, Ontario band Live The Story this past month and accompanied them on a tour, which ended a few days ago.

In the past nearly three years, Braden has released two EPs. One of them is titled Sleepy Time and holds three tracks. Another is a six song EP he called Home
. He also released a CD called Greatest Hits, which is comprised of twenty unbelievable tracks.

So, can we except for this young man to slow dow
n anytime soon? I do not think so. Braden is currently writing a new EP, continuing to fill in for Live The Story and who knows what else he is up to. It is obvious this guy has some major talent and his music is definitely something to check out.

For Braden it is simple, he says, "I will never give up and I do not want you to give up either. Chase your dreams, because if you do not, they will get away."

In the end, Braden, I would like to just say that you are one heck of an incredible guy. Never, ever stop what you are doing. Thank you for releasing your music to the world and, of course, thank you for being such a cool, down-to-earth guy. And, most importantly, thank you for your inspiration.

Please check out SaWeCanFly's music right away if you have not yet. He has plenty of incredible tunes to watch on his Youtube Channel, including a video for this song, Cozy Hour, which can be seen here:

SayWeCanFly Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: Braden Barrie
Picture 2: SayWeCanFly - Sleepy Time EP Cover
Picture 3: SayWeCanFly - Home EP Cover
Picture 4: SayWeCanFly - Greatest Hits CD Cover



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