Featured: February 2012 - The Sea And City

It is February 2012 and you know what that means! It is time for the sixth installment of our newest feature, 'Band of the Month', to be announced.

For the second time, you, the fans, decided on which artist or band should take the spot for February 2012. This time we put New York artist, Christopher John, Florida band, Sail By The Stars, Ontario project, SayWeCanFly, and Ontario band, The Sea And City, together to compete against one another.

The London, Ontario band, The Sea And City beat out all three competitors and came in first. With a whopping seventy seven more votes than the artist or band in second place, this band has earned the February 2012 title.

The band is made up of nineteen year old Alex Rempel (vocals / guitar), eighteen year old Justin Hickey (guitar), eighteen year old Patrick McKenna (bass / backing vocals), seventeen year old Jake Schindler (piano / backing vocals / percussion) and nineteen year old Zac Cole (drums). All of whom started the band after they discovered their love of the same type of music.

Although they are young, The Sea And City have already played in fron
t of over thirty eight thousand people and recorded a six song EP, titled Mice Can Start Fires, which is available on their Bandcamp page.

Their EP was recorded throughout one week in a nineteenth century cottage, on the shore of Lake Erie. The band biography states, "They were able to produce a sound that mimics the very place it was recorded in. The tone of the album differs from start to finish, with rising crescendos and cascading vocals. Themes of the resilient ocean and deep blues rise from the lyrics and are echoed by bells, trumpets and even birds and children laughing."

Classifying themselves as an alternative/folk/rock band, this quintet is sure to keep surprising everyone who discovers them. And, with influences such as Noah And The Whale, Radical Face and Arcade Fire, to name a few, it is obvious this band wants nothing more than to stand out.

So, be sure to check out The Sea And City very soon because at this rate you obviously will not want to miss a day.

You can currently catch a live version of The Sea And City's song, Dreaming About The Sea, on the band's Youtube Channel, here

The Sea And City Links:

Photo credit: The Sea And City

Picture 1: From left to right: Zac Cole (drums), Alex Rempel (vocals / guitar), Jake Schindler (piano / backing vocals / percussion), Justin Hickey (guitar) & Patrick McKenna (bass / backing vocals)
Picture 2: The Sea And City - Mice Can Start Fires EP Cover



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