Featured: January 2012 - Slow Motion Victory

It is January 2012 and you know what that means! It is a new month and, ultimately, a new year. And, that means it is time to announce which artist or band has been given the 'Band of the Month' spot for this month.

You may have seen this band recently on Muchmusic. Infact, you may start seeing a lot more of this band very soon, especially as 2012 progresses.

Slow Motion Victory. Those are the three words chosen to express this talented band from Brantford, Ontario.

Toby Bey (vocals), Quentin Carter (guitar / backing vocals), Eric Bonus (guitar / backing vocals) and Dane Wannamaker (bass) have been hard at work to guarantee that fans can encounter their every move throughout 2012 by the means of their newest feature.

What is their newest feature? Well, the guys want to make sure that their fans can stay in the loop with their activities at all times. So, they have dedicated each day of the week to a different topic; Sundays are updates, Mondays are covers, Tuesdays are contests, Wednesdays are question and answer, Thursdays are updates, Fridays are personal stories and memories and Saturdays are event days. Now, no matter what day of the week it is, you will have an opportunity to communicate with the boys either through the internet, or even live at an event.

On Monday, January 2nd 2012 Slow Motion Victory released their first cover video to Youtube. The video shows Quentin Carter playing drums to their song Life In Motion, giving a tutorial to fans. Th
ey also went on to explain, "Here's the first video tutorial video of the year. It starts with drums the first Monday of the month, followed by bass the second Monday, guitars the third Monday and lyrics and vocals the fourth Monday. So, don't forget to check back every Monday to see the next video in the series."

Already having several hundred views on their first cover attempt is quite impressive. It just goes to show that this band is truly taking over 2012. And, considering we are only in the second week, I am incredibly excited to see what they do next.

Slow Motion Victory also just released their third official music video this past January 4th 2012. They now have music videos for their incredible songs Life In Motion, In The Beginning and now, most recently, Breathless.

Their most recent music video addition, Breathless, is the last chance for their fans to see their talented drummer Aaron Beamish, who unfortunately passed away in October of 2011. At only twenty five, Aaron Beamish was one heck of a talented drummer. Slow Motion Victory commented, "This video is also in memory of Aaron Beamish who passed away in late 2011. You are missed by the whole SMV family and fans across the world."

It is only a matter of time before you will find yourself 'liking' them on Facebook, or even rocking out to them live. So, why not beat the crowd and check them out right now. You can catch Slow Motion Victory's latest music video, for Breathless, on their Youtube Channel, here:

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Photo credit: Florian Bey

Picture 1: Slow Motion Victory Logo
Picture 2: Slow Motion Victory - Life In Motion EP Cover



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