Featured: November 2011 - Run Romeo Run

It is November 2011 and you know what that means! It is time for the third 'Band of the Month' spotlight to be announced. This month the 'Band of the Month' title goes to the Airdrie, Alberta [pop/punk] band Run Romeo Run.

Eli Budwill (vocals), Chad McMonagle (guitar), Chris Doi (guitar), Kyle Whitehead (bass) and Adam Goring (drums) have all combined their personal talents to form one heck of a band.

Although having a lead singer eight hours away from the rest of the band, plus recording an EP after only one band rehearsal, may seem odd, this band can certainly pull it off no problem.

The guys of Run Romeo Run have only been together for literally [less than] five months. However, the experiences and opportunities they have been able to put behind them already is incredible.

Back in October of 2011 they placed second in the Rock 104 Star Search contest. Beyond that, they are already sponsored by three independent Canadian music and lifestyle clothing companies, with one of them being the Edmonton, Alberta based company, Sink Or Swim Apparel.

As if that much was not impressive enough, this band just finished recording a three song EP at Signals Audio, which is set to be released within the next couple of months. They have also reached number three on the ReverbNation Calgary rock charts throughout the first week of November of 2011. In addition, they have been included on a local mix tape, titled Sleazy Apparel Mix Tape Vol. 2.

Although I only personally discovered this band about three months ago, I have already dedicated time to following their every move musically. Their first single, Lockdown, has certainly blown away all two thousand [plus] fans who have already given it a listen. Plus, with a fan base of over one thousand six hundred 'likes' on Facebook thus far, it is quite clear these five young men have some serious talent.

I am certainly not lying when I say this band is anything but ordinary. With all these amazing accomplishments already behind their backs only five months in, it makes everyone wonder what in the world can they possibly do next. This band is not only talented, but they are determined to write, record and play the best music that they possibly can. Not to mention, they are the nicest group of guys you can ever talk to.

After already gaining regular radio airplay, and studio time at a prominent Alberta recording outlet, this band is only in the beginning pages of their story. And, this story is worth the effort of following.

So, I highly recommend you check out Run Romeo Run's music very soon. These guys are definitely worth checking out and following because who honestly knows what this band will pull off next.

Make sure you find your way to Run Romeo Run's Youtube Channel where you can check out the band's first single, Lockdown, here:

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Photo credit: Run Romeo Run

Picture 1: From left to right: Chad McMonagle (guitar), Eli Budwill (vocals), Adam Goring (drums), Kyle Whitehead (bass) & Chris Doi (guitar)



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