Featured: September 2011 - For The Weekend

It is September 2011 and you know what that means! It is time for the second 'Band of the Month' spotlight to be announced.

This month the spot goes to a very deserving band from Calgary, Alberta by the name of For The Weekend. Although I only discovered this pop/punk/rock band less than four weeks ago, when the new show Discovered first aired on Muchmusic, they blew me away the moment I heard them.

It takes courage, money, time, patience and, of course, endless talent to make it in the music industry. For Myles, Colton, Matt, Dennis and Jay, of the band For The Weekend, that is no problem.

As if being a part of a successful independent band was not hard enough, these five guys made it onto Muchmusic's newest music show, Discovered. Discovered features six bands in total, three a week, and follows them as they prepare to play the biggest event of their lives. And, at the end of the series we will find out if the industry judges thought any of the bands were good enough to be signed, or if they still need to improve.

Formed in Calgary, Alberta, Myles Rivoire (vocals), Colton Peters (guitar / backing vocals), Dennis Hann (guitar / backing vocals), Matt Boutin (bass / backing vocals) and Jay McDonald (drums) decided to form For The Weekend after all previously parting ways from former hardcore bands.

For only being together in their current band, For The Weekend, for roughly a year and a half, it is apparent these guys will not disappoint you. And, their fan base keeps expanding because of this. Plus, they just released their first single, Rockstar, at the beginning of September of 2011, and it is already making an impact on the Calgary radio stations.

On For The Weekend's Youtube Channel one member stated, "When we started this band it was all a dream. But, since then things have just been getting bigger and bigger. I can speak on behalf of the guys that we would not be where we are today without the love and support from our fans." They also added, "Since Discovered we have been hitting the road hard, dealing with breaking down, being broke and being smelly. But, we are still lovin' every minute of it! We have also been working really hard in the studio and alone. So, make sure you check out our new website and make sure you keep checking it out!"

So, no matter what happens to For The Weekend, I can only sit here and wait for their newest song or announcement to hit the internet. But, until the next one, check them out, tell a friend and keep checking back.

In the meantime, you will certainly want to check out the band's Youtube Channel. And, while you are there, check out For The Weekend's fantastic cover of the Jonas Brother's hit, When You Look Me In The Eyes, which can be seen here:

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Dennis Hann (guitar / backing vocals), Matt Boutin (bass / backing vocals), Myles Rivoire (vocals), Jay McDonald (drums) & Colton Peters (guitar / backing vocals)
Picture 2: From left to right: Dennis Hann (guitar / backing vocals), Matt Boutin (bass / backing vocals), Myles Rivoire (vocals), Jay McDonald (drums) & Colton Peters (guitar / backing vocals)



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