Featured: August 2011 - The Raspberry Heaven

It is August 2011 and you know what that means! It is time to announce which artist or band will be taking Basement Entertainment's first 'Band of the Month' spot.

The very first 'Band of the Month' spotlight goes to the London, Ontario project, The Raspberry Heaven. However, this project deserves a lot more than just a spot on this website. The young man behind it is so unbelievably talented that I can never really think of a creative way to introduce him that has not been said before. The truth is I could sit here for hours adding adjectives together to think of some kind of beginning to this piece. So, I will not even try this time. Just listen to one song and I dare you to find unused words…

I discovered The Raspberry Heaven back at the beginning of 2011 and let me tell you one thing; I am so thankful that I did. Everything about this project gives you the chills, from Michael's beautiful lyrics and catchy rhythms, to his kind personality.

Originally from Midland, Ontario, Michael Hansford started The Raspberry Heaven in 2010, at the age of nineteen. Less than a year after exploding into the music scene and his project is going nowhere but up. Spreading his "hippie love dust into the air for all to breathe and become intoxicated by", Michael has expanded his fan base to people all around the world.

In less than a year Michael has already played with big artists and bands such as Chiara Young, The Sam Roberts Band and Bif Naked. Not only that, but he seems to be playing events all the time, making it incredibly easy to catch him somewhere close.

As a part of the biography on The Raspberry Heaven's official website it states, "Drawing inspiration from such musical acts as Bob Dylan and Lydia, this shy, moccasin-clad DIYer demonstrates wisdom beyond his nineteen years of age. He recognizes that he has a lot of room to grow both, as a person and as a musician, and truly appreciates any help he can get, whether in the form of donations, fans or even a smile on the street."

Michael Hansford released his first EP, titled Loyola; The Everafter, on March 10th 2011. And, just like trying to figure out an introduction for him, his EP left me speechless too. It may [only] consist of five songs, but those five songs draw you in instantly. The lyrics are so relatable and inspiring that it feels as though you are almost reading a journal. Plus, his stunning rhythms and sounds that accompany his lyrics could not be any better.

So, The Raspberry Heaven is definitely a project that I would advise you to check out right away. I promise you, once you listen to one song, watch one video or even talk to Michael himself, you will not be able to close your internet browser, no matter how hard you try.

I can only sit here and anticipate what this young man will be up to next because I know it is going to be something absolutely amazing.

I highly recommend that you give The Raspberry Heaven a listen. And, while you are checking out his music online, definitely take a listen to Michael's first EP, Loyola; The Everafter, which can be heard here:

The Raspberry Heaven Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: Michael Hansford
Picture 2: The Raspberry Heaven - Loyola; The Everafter EP Cover



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