The mission:
Our mission is to, not only provide a way to help artists and bands gain the exposure they deserve, but to also present fans with a way to communicate and get involved within their music scene. Additionally, through our strong presence within the music scene all over Canada, and other parts of the world, we will provide positive exposure for musicians of all genres. By doing so we will supply them with the appropriate promotion to further their exposure and existence within their community.

The story:
At fourteen most teenagers find themselves gathering the nerves to start the next chapter in their lives, high school. However, at fourteen Amy found herself doing much more than [just] that.

By late 2008, [Kitchener, Ontario native], Amy Blackwell, set out promoting a few local artists and bands and began writing music reviews for her high school's newspaper, which she later ran during her last two years. At the same time, she became a regular live webcam correspondent for Muchmusic's [former] hit show, MuchOnDemand, where she would call in and ask artists and bands questions on live television in front of millions of viewers.

Less than twelve months later, at fifteen, Amy found herself interviewing bands such as Good & Broken to These Kids Wear Crowns, both of which appeared on Muchmusic's [former] show DisBAND, among many others.

Not long after, by the age of sixteen, Amy decided to host her very first live music event in Waterloo, Ontario. After having an incredibly successful first event she realized she was into something she loved, quoting, "I remember standing on the stairs about halfway through my first event when this unusual feeling
hit my stomach. It was not nerves, but rather this crazy feeling where I realized this is what I love. I knew I was addicted.".

Three months prior to turning seventeen, Amy proceeded to emerge into the local music scene by launching her very own company, simply titled Basement Entertainment. Officially launched on February 1st 2011, Basement Entertainment is what she calls a 'wrap-up' of all her pastimes into one. It is your source for promoting, booking, events, interviews, profiles, reviews and much, much more.

It was not soon after that when she found herself with, not only the official website, but also Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a Youtube Channel, all providing many vehicles for artists, bands and fans to get involved in the music scene. All of the media outlets are updated regularly with news and opportunities for fans to get involved with upcoming events, interviews, chats and numerous other events.
After turning seventeen Amy found herself entering her last year of high school. For most this is the crowning year of their school years. However, Amy was the one trying to figure out how to finish early, adding, "Just a few days before my grade twelve year was set to start I found myself sitting in the guidance office at my high school with the hopes to condense my two semesters into one. And, after figuring out a rather hectic first semester schedule that worked, my goal came true.". By finishing with high school one semester early she was able to focus her time on Basement Entertainment. And, only four months later, in May of 2012, she picked up the 2012 Kitchener Youth Action Council (KYAC) Youth Entrepreneurship Award during a ceremony at the Kitchener, Ontario City Hall.

By the time Amy turned eighteen, a few months into 2012, she had certainly put some incredible experiences behind her. She has had the honour of interviewing and working with artists and bands such as A Rocket To The Moon, The Maddigans, Alexz Johnson, Take Me To The Pilot, Brighter Brightest, The Icarus Account and countless others.

After officially graduating from high school in mid 2012, Amy enrolled in BerkleeOnline, the online College of the world's go-to music school, Berklee College Of Music. She has now completed three packed courses, covering various Music Business related fields.

Now, at the age of twenty, Amy has grown Basement Entertainment to over two thousand Facebook fans and more than four hundred Twitter followers. Through countless sold out events and the phenomenal response from artists, bands and fans, it is certain that Amy is not slowing down anytime soon. Plus, who really knows what she will do next...

"Let's spread the music."



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